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TIME & STYLE FACTORY creates furniture that is marked by a plain and simple design without unnecessary decoration. When creating original products with a simple design, we strive to breathe spirit and bring solid value to each piece of furniture. Amid the evolving manufacturing techniques and machinery, while there is no great distinction among manufacturing techniques around the world, we have looked for the essential significance of manufacturing furniture domestically.

In 2008, TIME & STYLE set up a factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where our exclusive furniture upholsterers carefully make furniture piece by piece with love and affection. Our production system, which has the flexibility to cope with small lot production, embraces a build-to-order manufacturing system to make products only as needed for each order, allowing us to produce a wide variety of products in small quantities, as well as to realize detailed size settings and rich color variations, without carrying a vast inventory of products due to mass production aimed at cost reduction.

Regardless of areas, as we value the attitude of love for products as an important aspect of the production system that matches these diversifying market needs and the ways of the coming society, we believe it is possible to give a soul to each process from production to delivery by linking together design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service to influence each other through trial and error from each ground. Such flow of manufacturing enhances product quality and potential and injects the energy of sales and customers into the manufacturing site, creating an organic flow of vigorous overall activity. In addition, besides our original furniture collection, we excel at producing custom-made furniture and home fixtures by making use of our originality combining an excellent balance of design quality and functionality, thanks to our unique environment providing a coherent system from material selection, fabrication, and painting to finishing.

TIME & STYLE is striving to realize the high quality “made in Japan” manufacturing by accumulating know-how and practical accomplishments of in-house production.

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