Captain's Chair

Phloem Studio

Phloem [floh-em] (noun) – the vascular structure in plants that provides nutrients through photosynthesis.

Founded by designer/craftsperson Benjamin Klebba in 2010, PHLOEM STUDIO creates timeless contemporary furniture with an emphasis on natural materials and traditional joinery. All pieces are designed by Benjamin and occasional collaborators.

Ben grew up in the Great Lake state of Michigan in the woods across the street from Lake Huron. His father built the house he grew up, the furniture inside it, and sailboats their family would sail on Lake Huron. This left a lasting impression. After college, Ben moved to Chicago, first apprenticing for a luthier building acoustic guitars, then working for a master furniture maker. Ben moved to Portland, Oregon and PHLOEM STUDIO was formed. Ben's family has since moved out to Oregon and his dad now works for PHLOEM.

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