Mark Cunningham established his eponymous design firm in 2005, following a fifteen-year tenure at Ralph Lauren. Today, the firm's curriculum vitae is diverse in scope and scale, comprising luxury residential interior projects, hotel design, architectural consulting, and commercial concepts domestically and abroad. Soft-spoken yet meticulous, Mark has come to be known for his masterfully layered interior compositions and singular approach to space and style. Mark and Mark Cunningham, Inc. are honored to be routinely included in the yearly lists of America's top designers by Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, and others.

In 2019, Mark launched Marked. Now available to the design community, Marked is a furniture line of select favorites from Mark's archival portfolio of custom-designed pieces, a project-minded textile collection, and a curated selection of vintage and found objects and art. The Marked showroom shares an open and airy, sun-drenched space in Midtown Manhattan with the Mark Cunningham, Inc. offices and is available to visit by appointment.

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Peter Speliopoulos Projects

Peter Speliopoulos is a versatile artist specializing in ceramics and home objects. With a background as a fashion and costume designer for opera and dance, he brings a rich tapestry of influences to his work.

Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, Speliopoulos honed his craft at Parsons School of Design, earning accolades such as Designer of the Year in 1982. His career took him to Rome and Paris, where he apprenticed with renowned designers like Laura Biagiotti and Christian Dior. Returning to the States, Speliopoulos made his mark on Seventh Avenue, working with icons like Donna Karan. His innovative approach to fashion earned him international acclaim, leading to roles as Creative Director for Cerruti Arte in Paris and Donna Karan International.

Parallel to his fashion career, Speliopoulos embarked on a journey into ceramics during a Greek holiday in 2011. Inspired by local artisans, he honed his skills. Eventually, he launched Peter Speliopoulos Projects, offering a collection of handmade ceramics and home accessories crafted with a blend of primitive and contemporary aesthetics.

Speliopolous collaborated with Mark Cunningham on a series of lamps for MARKED X PS PROJECTS in 2022, creating handmade ceramic forms for the lamp bases inspired by antiquity, with modern crackled and glazed surfaces of eroded matte and shine, as if they have been excavated from land and sea.

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