Charles De Lisle

Charles De Lisle, a Massachusetts native, developed a passion for design while exploring factories near his father’s woodworking shop. After studying ceramics, he moved to California, where he honed his skills in welding and began crafting lighting fixtures. In 2008, De Lisle founded his design collective, specializing in custom furniture, lighting, and interior and landscape projects.

His creations blend a diverse array of materials, including wood, bronze, plaster, metal, textiles, and clay, resulting in familiar and uniquely textured objects. De Lisle thrives on merging contradictory materials and unlikely surfaces to produce pieces that are not only visually striking but also functional.

Driven by imagination, romanticism, and mechanical ingenuity, De Lisle finds inspiration in paradoxes and contradictions. His designs effortlessly combine the rough with the refined, the hand-crafted with the machine-made, and the every day with the extraordinary, reflecting his distinctive vision and passion for storytelling.